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Resurrection, The Delengrad Trilogy Book Two is coming to you March 27th, 2015!  I personally thank everyone for their patience.  Resurrection Artwork By: Crystal Maloney and Edited By: Josh Nanninga.

Coming Soon: Resurrection Cover Reveal and Full BookTrailer.

What others are saying about regina

--"Truly original and an exciting read, would highly recommend this book to anyone! I wait patiently (or maybe not so much) for the next installment."

--"Superb book, it is a must read."

--" Thumbs up Ms. Moody :-)"

--"Great read with a little bit of everything!"

--".....I wasn't really into reading but this book made me more interested in reading....."

--"Couldn't put it down! it didn't take me long to get into the story, and I totally felt connected with Regina the whole time."

--"This book was definitely one of my favorites. I know i love a book when i am disappointed it ended. Very well written!!"

--"Love this book..."

--"Such an interesting book."

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