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Murder by Alpha

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“Before I was raped, I never noticed how women, and society, really treated men. I mean really treated us. There was something beneath the dumb blonde and male driver jokes. Men are constantly portrayed as the weaker sex. Women never had to fight for their rights, especially white women. They were born with them,” Maxx Corbit

   Welcome to present day United America, where men struggle to live in a world where they are Omegas and women are Alphas.

   While on assignment, Maxx Corbit suffers a brutal assault by female police officers whose occupation protects them from justice. When video of his humiliating rape and beating goes viral online, Maxx seeks his own brand of justice by creating the Violence Against Men Act. However, getting Congress to consider his controversial bill will pit him against women who will not relinquish their brutal power without a fight.

   Jeff Brighton finds his comfortable life as a househusband disrupted by a simple request from his fifteen-year-old son. Taylor Garcia is a minor actor whose relationship with a major Hollywood star leaves him scorned and humiliated. Zach Stewart links all of them together as a journalist on the hunt for an explosive story.

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