As the hipsters say, "I like to let my freak flag fly". 

I was born in a small town and raised in an even smaller town.  My childhood and my family are amazing.  I had the best life growing up because I lived in the country with only my imagination, and my wonderful parents and brothers to keep me occupied.  Writing is my passion and I can't see myself happy in this life without it.

Aside from writing I love to be with my family, read, play video games, cook, and watch terrible B Grade Horror movies.  I do not discriminate against books, I will read anything given to me no matter what it is.  My movie collection isn't as extensive as my books, but I do love movies.  Especially horror movies.  I spend my days with my husband and children, and completing Book Three of The Delengrad Trilogy.

The biggest love of my life is my family and friends who are the true inspiration behind my stories.